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Frequently asked questions

Are you a manufacturer?

We do hold a type 7 FFL manufacturer license.  However, we do not make any parts for any rifle.  What that means for you is we are not limited, like most companies, to using the same parts all the time.  We use the best parts that are available to build you a custom rifle within your budget. 

How much is a custom rifle?

 Usually not much more than an off-the-shelf model.  However, it all depends on your choice of parts.  High quality parts bring a premium.  On the low end $650 for a good range rifle up to a few thousand dollars for sub moa accuracy.  During our consultation, we will go through every part to make sure you are getting the right rifle for your needs.


I placed an order and was wondering if I can get an update on when it will ship out?

  • Our processing time on orders for parts is a  week if all parts are in stock.
  • Lead time on custom builds (full weapons, complete upper assemblies, and complete lower assemblies) is 3+   WEEKS MINIMUM depending on our backlog. 
  • Please note that orders placed during holidays are expected to have longer lead times.
  • Please note that if you ordered an item on back order that there is no estimated time of arrival due to machining processes these items are still subjected to the 20% restocking fee. 

All lead times are based purely off estimation and are subject to change. We cannot guarantee shorter/longer lead times due to the instability of the firearm industry. Due to supply chain shutdowns, material delays, ammo shortages and the health of the associates who work in this field. We want our customers to understand and become aware of the possibility of change, and to know despite the current situation we are working extremely hard to get quality products out our door. 

FFL Transfers:

I want to place an order how can I arrange the transfer?
please place your order directly on the DUCKARMORY.COM  website and once you receive your order confirmation please go to our FFL TRANSFER page and we will contact them and request their information for the transfer. if you need assistance in locating the nearest FFL to your address, please visit 

It is your responsibility to make sure that the firearm you are purchasing can be owned where you live unfortunately it is impossible to keep up with the constant changes being made around the country so, please check in to any specific laws or requirements for your city or state.

Returns and Exchanges:

  • All sales are final on all semi assemblies (complete upper receivers and complete lower receivers) once product is shipped.
  • returns for parts that are not manufactured by Duck Armory will be accepted but a 20% restocking fee will apply.
  • All sales are final on all firearms once product is shipped. 
  • Parts and accessories can be returned or exchanged within 15 days of purchase. 
  • 20% restocking fee will apply for semi assemblies and complete firearms cancellation requests prior to shipping. Send cancellation request to 
  • we will not reimburse any repairs or replacements done by others on our products. 
  • any alteration or repair done by others will void all manufacture warranties.


Do you test fire all your weapons / assemblies?
Yes, we do test every weapon for accuracy, proper functioning and cycling with 3-4 live rounds prior to shipping.
What calibers are compatible for the AR10 platform?
We offer both 308 WIN and 6.5 CREEDMOOR for the AR10 platform

Are all your AR10 upper assemblies DPMS compatible?
Yes, all our AR10 upper and lower assemblies are DPMS GEN1 specification which is considered the industry standard spec. for AR10 due to its sheer availability by many manufacturers.
What calibers are compatible for the AR15 platform?
We offer the 223 WYLDE, 5.56 NATO, 300 BLACKOUT, 7.62X39, 6.5 GRENDEL, 458 SOCOM, 50 BEOWULF, 9MM
What does PCC mean?
PCC stands for pistol caliber carbine and those include the 9mm and the 45 ACP weapons, our PCC systems use the dedicated Glock magazines billet or forged lower receivers.

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